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Who We Are
Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

Dr Flavius Akerele is the founder and principal consultant of The E Team Educational Consulting Group.

Dr. Akerele has a broad mix of professional and academic experience as a K-12 teacher (internationally and domestically), international business, and as a higher education, professor, mentor and administrator for private and public organizations.
He has a BA from the University of Maryland, two Masters from National University (in Cross Cultural Teaching and International Business), and a Doctorate of Education specializing in Higher Educational Leadership from Argosy University, and his published dissertation is: Comparing the academic achievement of civilians to that of military veterans at the San Diego campus of Brandman University.

He also has a strong record of accomplishment of motivating teachers and students toward higher achievement with demonstrated excellence in the supervision and leadership. He recently participated as a panelist at the Department of Defense Worldwide Symposium 2012 in La Vegas, the topic being: “RESULTS OF RECENT DISSERTATION RESEARCH, Outcomes, Quality, and Return on Investment”.
Dr. Akerele is also multilingual: fluent in English and French, conversational in Japanese and Lingala, and a working knowledge of Spanish and Yoruba. He is dedicated to helping people and organizations reach their full potential.

Dr Alma Miles
Dr. Alma Miles one of the founders of The E Team was born in Mexicali, Mexico, she is bilingual in Spanish and English. She holds two bachelor degrees, her first one from CETYS, a private University in Mexico and her second from San Diego State University. She obtained her master's degree in school psychology from Chapman University her Doctorate in Education Leadership (emphasis in higher education) from Argosy University.

Dr. Miles has worked in education for more than a decade. Her experience includes working with students in the general education as well as students with developmental, cognitive, learning, and medical disabilities. Also part of Dr. Miles expertise, is the Hispanic population of California from being not only a student and parent, but also a school administrator and a guest lecturer at the Imperial Valley chapter of the California Association of School Psychologists (IV-CASP. Her experiences were the motivation behind her dissertation titled: Hispanic single mothers’ parenting styles as a contributing factor of students’ academic achievement).

Dr. Miles is proud of her five children, four have graduated from higher education institutions, and her youngest daughter currently is a sophomore at Brigham Young University. Dr. Miles is currently employed by the Imperial County Office of Education as a school psychologist, and she is also part of the districts’ management group.

Dr. Chris Pilkington
Dr. Pilkington one of the founders, is a 20 year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Dr. Pilkington is currently the Program manager for one of the Navy's anti-terrorism force protection programs and a part-time faculty for a private sector university in San Diego. During his time in the Marine Corps Mr. Pilkington was responsible for the training of both entry-level personal and the sustainment training of permanent personal.

Since separating from active duty Dr. Pilkington finished his Bachelor of Science degree in Workforce education and development from Southern Illinois University, a Master of Science degree from Chapman University in human resources. He is finished a Doctorate in Education with an emphasis in higher education leadership at Argosy University and with his dissertation "The decision making process for post-secondary education and the armed forces in relation to change" .

Dr. Pilkington has been a guest lecturer for Leading innovation & Change, and has taught classes at both the undergraduate and graduate level in human resource management, organizational behavior, motivation and leadership, and change management.

Dr. Mark Barry Jeffers
Dr, Jeffers, one of the founding members of The E Team (Educational Consultants), is a fourteen year veteran of the U.S. Marines where he spent time as an avionics instruction and detachment commander in numerous overseas embassies. After Dr. Jeffers’ time in the Marines, he owned a fitness center and worked as a juvenile correction officer. During Dr. Jeffers’ time as a correction officer, he decided his passion was in education. In 1998, at the age of thirty-eight, Dr Jeffers stepped onto a college campus as a student for the first time; since, he has earned a Bachelor degree in English, a Masters of Education, and Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Dr. Jeffers has taught high school English for eight-years and has performed adjunct instruction for Brandman University. While at Mount Miguel Dr. Jeffers has been responsible for creating and coordinating two high school academies (Success Academy and Matador Early College). Success Academy recruits underachieving students and in two years readied them for college, Matador Early College randomly selects incoming high school freshman and prepares them to begin taking college courses during their junior year, which allows them to finish high school with a minimum of a semester of undergraduate units. Dr. Jeffers is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to enhance the learning experience of students of all ages.

Dr Paul Greenberg
Dr Greenberg is brain scientist, professor, entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant. Leveraging 10 years neuroscience research experience (University of Arizona, UCSD) and a PhD in Psychology, his training helps individuals and teams use their minds more effectively in today's information overload world. This training and coaching allows business and educational clients to reclaim time from the daily workflow, and make regular progress on new initiatives by supporting learning, memory, attention, planning, organization, and creativity.

Dr. Greenberg works with universities, city government personnel, and small business owners on projects including curriculum design, staff training, data analysis and program evaluation.   He has a passion for cross-disciplinary learning, client achievement, and for speaking about science in society.  As a member of the E Team consulting group, he adds expertise in brain-based learning to student, faculty, and staff achievement programs.

Mr. Jonathan Trachtman
One of The E-Team founders, Jonathan is an entrepreneur, consultant, analyst, and specialist in strategic marketing, planning, and operations; conceptual design and creative direction; social media content and community development; advertising, media, and events promotion; marketing communications, copywriting, brand identity and development; project management, and new product development. Throughout a 20-year career in education, health care, natural products, food/beverage, and consumer packaged goods, Jonathan has leveraged his creative and commercial expertise to facilitate growth, innovation, and differentiation in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace for companies ranging from entrepreneurial ventures to Global 500 businesses.

Jonathan believes that the key to maximizing the crucial assets of organizations of all sizes and structures is forging a solid balance among progressive thinking, traditional philosophies, and strategic practices. He believes that balancing visionary ‘dreaming big’ and ‘outside the box’ methodologies with those that retain focus on pragmatic strategies is vital to attaining and maintaining organizational leadership.

One of Jonathan’s most recent projects has been the comprehensive strategic overhaul of Brandman University’s San Diego Campus marketing, outreach, and social media operations, including ground-up conceptual design and creation of a unique, interactive Web Portal. Jonathan holds a B.A. in Political Science with a Minor in Asian Studies from Tufts University, and has extensive experience in international business and cross-cultural communications. Jonathan is fluent in Japanese, conversational in French and Vietnamese, and has working knowledge of Spanish and Italian.

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