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The ETeam is a solution providing consulting group for education and business that provides practical real world innovative solutions for today’s professionals. We also help train organizations in day to day operations.

Do you need an outside speaker, or you want help preparing a series of lectures that can be delivered by your own educational staff? The ETeam can help with a whole range of subjects within education and outside of education as well.

Do you have a culture of professional development? Do you have individualized guidance for your employees on how to stay current and relevant in their discipline?

Whether you are K-12, Higher education, government, small business, or corporate America The ETeam can help you!

Seeking funding for a Certificate Training Program.

The goal of the program proposed is to:

  • Prepare the next generation of diverse scholars and academic leaders and meets the Higher Education objective of facilitating and nurturing trans-disciplinary and trans-national research and training.
  • The right certification programs could help military veterans transition into the workforce faster.