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The ETeam is a solutions providing consulting group for education and business that provides practical real world innovative solutions for today’s professionals. We also help train organizations in day to day operations. We achieve this through our team’s deep experience working in and solving problems in education and business corporations, and the teams' experience in problem solving research and branding. We also are big advocates of leadership development in higher education.

Whether you are K-12, Higher education, government, small business, or corporate America The ETeam can help you.

Specialization and expertise in: 

Dr. Flavius A B Akerele III, has a broad mix of professional and academic experience as a K-12 teacher (internationally and domestically), international business, and as a higher education
 domestically), international business, and as a higher education consultant, professor, mentor and administrator for private and public organizations. His published doctoral dissertation is titled: “Comparing the academic achievement of civilians to that of military veterans at the San Diego campus of Brandman University”, got him invited to the 2012 DoD Worldwide Symposium where he participated as a panelist, the topic being: “RESULTS OF RECENT DISSERTATION RESEARCH, Outcomes, Quality, and Return on Investment” 
He also has a strong record of accomplishment of motivating teachers and students toward higher achievement with demonstrated excellence in the supervision and leadership. 
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The ETeam has a good variety of educational consultants with expertise in Accreditation, training K12, Business administration, Leadership, HR, Cybersecurity, IT, and much more. Contact us and let us put you together with the right consultant for your needs.
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