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Our Mission
Our mission is simple. We want to make a difference.

Accreditation and Student Success Management

Student success is defined by not only what percentage of your students graduate, but also how prepared are they for the job market. Preparation is not only the skills and content the institution teaches them, but also how well organized the student is in everyday life. There are two important components that institutions must focus on in order to achieve student success:

  1. Enrollment management. How you bring a student into your institution is going to determine how well they do, and too often institutions focus on quantity not quality. It is also important that students have a clear understanding of what they will be doing, that they can see the path ahead of them clearly.
  2. Student service. Good student service is proactive. Good student service means that student service officers spend time getting to know their students, it means the students are aware of the resources available to them, and finally it means they know where to go to get the answers they need. Good student services mean high levels of student success.
  3. Accreditation is quality assurance to determine if applicable standards are met. If standards are met, accredited status is granted by the appropriate agency. The ETeam members have experience from both the faculty side and accreditor side; most recently with Regional bodies such as WASC (Accrediting Commission for Schools Western Association of Schools and Colleges), HLC (Higher Learning Commission), and other National accrediting bodies.

Does the accreditation process make your head spin? Are you just starting the accreditation process and need guidance?

Does your institution have a robust system of student success management in place? Is it current and do they integrate new and useful technology? What do would your students say about their student success plan?

If you cannot answer these questions do not fret, because these times are fluid and change happens fast. The ETeam is here to help you create a student success management plan that works best for your institution.

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At The E Team we are working to create hope and the opportunity for a better world. But we can only do it with your help. Join with us in our mission. Consider donating your time by becoming a guest writer to the ETeam Blog, discovering grants that can deliver free training for students, and you can of course donate money that will go towards the development of the listed plans.

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